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Jade Imitation Tutorial


 This is a recipe for creating a faux jade with polymer clay. Its inventiveness resides in the fact that we can find all the components in France. for the rest, it is a mix and match of other techniques.



You will need:

- some translucent Sculpey clay

- some acrylic inks (here Magic Color blue and earth brown)

- Optional: a little bit of green polymer clay (here some Granitex)


Divide the translucent clay bar into four equal parts, soften it and flatten it.



Leave aside a quarter of translucent clay, and colour the other three with different quantities of acrylic inks, in order to obtain 3 shades of olive green. Let them dry for 15 minutes.



Pass each strip of clay through the pasta machine in order to mix the colours and obtain a homogeneous shade. The Sculpey clay is quite adhesive, so after a while you will need a pause, otherwise it will attach to the pasta machine (see right picture).


jade6 jade7

You will obtain three logs of shading green and a log of translucent.


jade8 jade9

You will put them all together, and you will add, if you wish, the little bit of green clay. Twost them together in order to obtain a log roughly marbled. Form a lump.



Stretch the lump in order to detach some portions, repete this operation several times, and gather the detached pieces each time on the lump. With some experience, you will know when to stop this operation.



Here you are, your faux jade clay is ready. You will take the amount you need and



pass it one or two times through the largest setting of the pasta machine.



On the left, you have a sample with Fimo, on the right with Sculpey.

For the cooking: between 110 and 115 °C for 20 minutes. You will have to keep an eye on the cooking. When the colour is the right for you, you will plunge the object into some ice-cold water. Be careful: the clay will still darken when you pull it out from the oven, so do not keep too long into it.




you will find other recipes in English:

here  and here

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