edited on 30 mai 2011

because many people didn't understand the reduction and the cutting of the cane, two pictures have been added to Kelly's tutorial by



 You need to make a skinner blend with at least three colours.

Then, you join a white and a dark coloured strip of clay, here a blue one.


you wrap the strip obtained into a jellyroll cane.

you reduce the cane obtained into a long log and you use a rippled tissue blade to cut slices into the log on the length sense



 when you cut slices into the log, you see that pretty patterns will appear: you will use these slices to cover a ball of clay, taking care of smoothing very well the joint.

As a final step, you will create the beads you prefer in the shapes you prefer, taking care of not crushing the sides.

This is your turn to play!!!



Translated by Maria: chiocciolazzurra@yahoo.it

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