Il y a quelques mois, nous avions soulevé le problème de la nouvelle pâte fimo soft

Le nouveau " Mr Fimo" ayant ouvert une page de fan sur facebook
nous avons été quelques unes (trop peu) à lui signaler ce problème
voilà la réponse

« Dear Ms. Franceschi,

We are the STAEDTLER customer service and would like to suggest you try and work with our STAEDTLER FIMO classic polymer clay.

According to your post we assume you are a FIMO artist who wishes to create filigree patterns and detailed artworks which means that FIMO classic is definitely more suitable for you than FIMO soft which we usually recommend to FIMO beginners. FIMO classic offers you a CMYK-based colour range for exact blending and fantastic shape stability.

BTW, for a wider colour range you can also combine your FIMO artwork with FIMO effect (available in nightglow, glitter, translucent, stone and metallic colours) polymer clay.

We truly appreciate suggestions on how to improve and I hope I could help,

Kind regards
STAEDTLER customer service »
en gros, la fimo soft c'est pour les débutants, et la fimo classic pour les artistes
confirmés ??

dixit Mr Fimo !!!!
l'adresse sur facebook c'est ici