Tartan Cane step 1:

Take some violet and some black clay an pass it through the maximum size of your pasta machine. Start to alternate layers of each colour whil beveling the edges with a cutter as long as you add layers Put the log on one side and cut in order to obtain a square log and reduce it. Cut this log in two and lay them in a diagonal with two other logs, one violet and one black, in order to form a bigger square log. Then make two cuts as in the picture, one horizontal the other vertical. Fill these cuts with thin layers of rose clay.

Tartan Cane step 2:

passing through the second square with one colour, make anoter cut and fill this cut with a thin layer of white colour (the same thickness of the rose above). Make a cut on the other side and do the same with some white clay: the second cross is completed as in the picture. Start to reduce this cane softly and regularly. You can multiply this cane as you desire by stacking the original cane to make a tartan design as in the picture. Voilà!!

K Ro


Translated by Maria: chiocciolazzurra@yahoo.it 

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