Tutorial flower cane by  Sabine

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1 - Make a skinner blend with three assorted colours (at least half a pack of each), then pass it in the pasta machine at the thinnest grade (#1)(from the clearer to the darkest side, in order to avoid bad smears); 2 - fold this sheet as in photo nr. 3; 3 - make a thin sheet with black clay and wrap it around the log, then cut it into 4 equal parts


4 - take two pieces and round them from one side (ph. 6); 5 - with a cylinder-shaped object (as a pen) press within the darker sides in order to put a pistil between them (ph. 7); 6 - to make the pistil make a little red log with a thin black sheet around, and again a red one; 7 - Under the pistil, put a thin sheet of red clay covering less then half log and a serpentine of the same colour as in photo n. 10; 8 - take the two remaining blocks and stretch them, pinch the two sides and put them around the heart of the flower as in ph. 11 and 12; 9 - reduce this log in a long one of 16 cm. and cut it into eight pieces of 2 cm (ph. 13-14); 10 - the petals are thus ready by pinching each of the 8 pieces on their sides (ph. 15). start to assemble them together leaving a hole at the center (ph. 16), adjusting their thickness in order to have a proper measure to form the heart later. As a variation, you can make a flower with six petals.


11 - let's make the heart of the flower. to do this, make a little log of black clay (quite thick) and wrap it on half side  with a thin sheet of red (ph. 17). Reduce it in order to obtain a 20 cm. long log for a 5 mm. diameter. 12 - pinch the red side of this long long as in photo 18, then cut it into 10 pieces and put them close one to the other on the larger side to form a round log(ph. 19). 13 - wrap this log with a sheet of red clay (ph. 20).  14 - reduce this log to the proper size and put it at the center of the flower (ph. 21). 14 - place between the petals some translucent clay to fill the spaces, reduce the cane  and the game is done!

Translated by Maria: chiocciolazzurra@yahoo.it

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