The geometric cane according to  Mathilde COLAS

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1. Make two skinner blend c1 and c2 with two different contrasting colours: the amounts of clay will be around a half Fimo block for each colour, and the clay should be of the same consistency (either soft or classic). 2. Cut two 2 cm. stripes, one  in c1 and one in c2: superpose them on each other, taking care of  reversing the clearer sides. 3. Cut the edges in diagonal.


4. Roll c1 and c2 to make a spiral (or jellyroll) cane. Roll the spiral cane until it is 1 cm diameter and cut the edges with a clear cut. 5. Take again the first skinner blend and cut a 3 cm stripe. Pass it in the pasta machine from the larger to the thinnest size possible (just before it start to stick).


6. Take this large stripe and bend it in an accordion way, in order to have a log of clay in a blend. 7-8. Take some black fimo clay and pass it in a thin grade of the pasta machine (here the n. 6): you will have a thin sheet of black which you will wrap around the blend log. 9. Start to progressively reduce the cane breadthways in order to have the blend in the longitudinal way: this until you have 1 cm width. You cut the edges for each new stage.


10- After this, pass this blend cane through the pasta machine in a larger setting (here n.1) in order to have a stripe which can be cut into 5 or 7 pieces (an odd number). Arrange these pieces alternate one above the other. 11. ...just to obtain this... Take again this cane and model it in a triangle


12. Repeat the same operation with the c2 cane from step 5 to 9, but cut the pieces into an even number (at least 8). 13-14. Take all the pieces and arrange them around a slice of spiral cane on both sides: you must have cut the cane the same length as the pieces. The clearer edges are going on the  same side. 15. Then you model the cane in a triangle.


16. Reduce and adjust the two triangle canes c1 and c2 in order to have the same size. 17. Take the end of the skinner blend c2 or another colour c3, roll it as a bullseye cane with the clearer clay inside and then cut it in 4 equal parts. 18. Put these parts around the rest of the spiral cane, with the clearer clay outside. 19. Reduce this new square cane to have four sides of the same length of the base of the two triangle cane.


20. Arrange on each side of the square the triangle canes c1 and c2. Your final cane is at the end. Now you can continue to work on it to make it more complex if you like.


Again, reduce the cane, cut in in 4 pieces which you are going to arrange as you like the best, either on a symetric joint, or on a symetric opposite way.

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Many thanks also to Monique for her pictures and to Marie-Ange for the text.

Translated by Maria:

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