or how to use your old canes, old clay.
Born by accident,
this technique is very easy.


clay gun, the new or the old model.
( however the new one may be a little fragile for this technique, mine got jammed!)
Old/Dry polymer clay (the king that crumbles when not conditioned and warmed up),
normal soft clay
and  imagination,

Step one
make rough logs alternating different qualities of clay (dry and soft)

Put your log in the clay gun.

you can out your log in two and reverse one from the other for more contrast

Step two : extrude strongly !

Depending on the disc you use and also on the dryness of your clay, you will get different effects.
Here, I used an average size log disc.

Step three : Coil


coil your logs around a ball of scrap clay
at this stage, either you carefully smooth and polish your bead
or you just smooth very lightly only to keep the relief


beads with relief


smoothed and polished beads


Have fun.

Tip : if your clay is not dry enough, roll your soft clay in the pasta machine and let it rest overnight between 2 sheets of paper with a weight on it such as a catalogue or so.

The paper will absorbe the oil and dry the clay.

You can also directly put your old canes into the clay gun.

surprise guaranteed.

translated by florence jakarta