Here is a tutorial to create « light » lava stones and give them your personal touch.






Supplies :



3 big wooden beads (diameter 25mm). See the trick here: “dry wood : your guaranty of success”



4 medium wooden beads (20mm)



12 to 16 small wooden beads (15mm)



1 fimo soft block (color of your choice)



Pasta machine



Coarse salt



Acrylic paint –any color)









Polishing tool






Roll your clay through the pasta machine (setting nb3).



Cut a strip the size of your wooden bead and cover it.



Repeat for all your wooden beads.



Be careful not to entrap air in the process.





Then put your beads in a container full of coarse salt. Do not press too hard, just enough for the salt to get embedded in the beads.






Bake for 30mn at 150.



Let them cool, then place them under water (for the salt to melt).



Be cautious and do not let them stay too long in the water as the wood might dilate and therefore break the beads.

At this stage, your beads are already ready for use. But you can go on and give them a personal touch.

Put on your gloves. Roll one of your bead in a bit of acrylic paint (a nut size) until it is totally covered with paint.






Let them dry. Then sand your beads so that the original color comes out again but the paint remains in the holes created by the salt.




Your beads are now ready.