les perles vénitiennes par Nell


Supplies :
4 small cups
Support for the painting and baking stage
Embossing powder or varnish
Translucent clay
A pinch of pink clay (red + white)
A pinch of beige clay ( brown+ white+ yellow)
A pinch of white
One gold leaf
Liquid clay
Pearlex : green + bright pink + yellow+ white
With the colored clays, make three logs and twist them together. Fold it and twist again.
Add the translucent clay. Be careful not to blend too much the colors together.
Add small pieces of the golden leaf anywhere you want on the log.
Prepare your pearls with gloves. Be aware there will be no sanding so you do not want to see your fingerprints!
Drill the hole, bake 15 mn, let cool.
In small cups, blend each pearlex with liquid clay. Use a toothpick for that. The liquid clay has to become thick in order not to run.
Put your pearl between two supports so that it does not move anymore (you may use cooking foil to help steady the pearls).
You will work on the four sides successively.

1st side: dip the toothpick in the yellow liquid clay and paint a square in the middle of the peal and little triangles near the hole.
In the square, drop a pink circle.
On the pink circle, drop an even smaller white circle.
That’s right, you have made a rose!
Draw the leaves with 4 little green drops around the rose.


Let the pearl lay flat (otherwise it runs) and bake for 10 minutes. Let it coll.
Repeat for the three other sides.
When it is done, varnish.
You may also use embossing powder to make your pearls even glossier.


I you need any explanation, do not hesitate to contact me.

translation by Florence Jakarta

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