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Engrave beads

Blocks of polymer clay (2 contrasted colors) here : brown and beige
Electric tool (like Dremel) with :
Carving accessories (a thin and a round)
Felt Wheel
Jeans Wheel
Acrylic paint (burnt umber)

First step:
Make a monochrome bead in the color you want to be in the carvings.

Second step:
Wrap around this bead with a very uniform and thin layer of the color you want to be outside. If the layer is not uniform, the carvings won’t be regular.

Third step:
Bake like usual. Then, draw lines with the thin accessory. Mark slightly first and then more deeply to make the underlying color visible. In this case, I made the lines with the thin accessory and the holes with the round one.

Fourth step:
Now the look of the bead can be better. Take the felt wheel and pull lightly to soften the carvings. It enlarges and smoothes them in the same time.
Fifth step (optional)
Mess the bead with the acrylic paint to patine it. Let the paint dry naturally or put the beads in the oven some minutes.
Then sand the beads to take the paint away and found the color back.
In this case, I’ve put too much paint, be prudent!!

Last step:
Shine the bead with the jeans wheel.


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